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Peaty Pools and Malt - Equine


The beautiful black and green hues of this Ox horn cantle reminds me of the dark peaty water that courses its way down highland streams, the golden browns remind me of a warming dram of whiskey after a day fishing on the river.


The body of the sporran is made of traditional horsehair. It’s a very labour intensive way of making a sporran. Bunches of horse hair are hand knotted onto thread and then sewn to a base of goat hide. It’s often called pleating as layer upon layer of horse hair is placed on top of one another.


Each sporran is made from red vegetable tanned leather. This deep red colour was inspired by the many antique military sporrans I have studied. The leather work is second to none and features many of the details seen on antique examples, such as the fine crease lines and immaculate stitching which elevate the whole sporran. I have chosen to use shoulder hide as it shows many of subtle growth marks from the animal, a beautiful connection to where the material comes from.


The sporran has credit card slots and a pocket for small change, modern additions that prevent your sporran becoming a bucket of chaos.


Each sporran comes with a grosgrain and leather belt, finished with hand made brass buckle and tip. Grosgrain is traditionally the material used on lapels of dinner jackets.


Every sporran comes in a Oak presentation box. Lined in wool felt for protection. Fastened with red leather tabs and brass Sam Brown studs.

Peaty Pools and Malt - Equine

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