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Called Spaniard because it was inspired by the antique tortoise shell peineta combs worn by Spanish women in the 19th century.


I’ve made the cantle by “book matching” two pieces of Ox horn. This is because I wanted the colouration to be symmetrical. Two separate pieces of horn have the scroll design cut into them, so that the two halves of the design can knit together and appear as one.


Hand turned Ox horn finials and hand made gold passementarie.


The body of the sporran is made of Highland cow. You don’t often see black Highland cows, so this is quite special. Highland cows are so iconic so you are really owning a special part of Scotland. 


The sporran is made from leather tanned using vegetable extract rather than chemicals. The colour is inspired by antique military examples which are red. The lining of the sporran are in green suede. The sporran has credit card slots and a pocket for small change.


Each sporran comes with a grosgrain and leather belt, finished with brass buckle and tip. This grosgrain is the same material traditionally used on lapels of dinner jackets.


All sporrans are made in the British Isles.

Highland Spaniard - Black

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